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Anécdotas del Mundo del Rugby

En el blog del Editor de Scrum tenemos algunos vídeos y anécdotas del mundo del rugby, os pego alguna. Están en inglés, así que también practicamos la lengua de Joyce o Shakespeare.

Lost in translation
"I was busy trying to tell him [the referee] that I was waiting for the kicking tee but my pronunciation was marginally out because I was, in fact, telling him that I wanted a cup of tea."
Toulon’s England fly-half Jonny Wilkinson gets to grips with life in France.

The aftershave incident
England's Cornish prop Colin Smart will forever be remembers in rugby circles as theman who drank a bottle of aftershave at an after-match dinner. The incident took place in Paris, following an internationa, and was sparked off by the English players each being presented with a bottle of aftershave s a gift from their hosts. Some surreptitiously emptied their bottles and filled them up again with water. Smart, unaware of what theyhad done, was then challenged to down his bottle quick than others.
Sadly the practical joke almost had tragic consequences. Smart rapidly became ill and had to be rushed to hospital to have his sotmach pumped. Still. it has caused much mirth since and has certainly given Smart more than his 15 minutes of fame. After a fine win over Wales a month later, England scrum-hlf Steve Smith quipped, "The aftershave will sure taste good tonight!".

The player drain
In recent times players have been following the riches available in Europe, but it’s not often that they have revealed how a prospective move affected their family. Ex-Cardiff Blues fly-half Nick Robinson did just that before leaving for Gloucester.
"My mother is devastated at the news as all three sons will be leaving next season. I'll be moving to Gloucester, Jamie's moving to France and my younger brother is hoping to go away to University. But on a positive note it frees up her weekends."

Quote Unquote
Flattery will get you nowhere apparently, so why not stick the boot in. Here’s Martin Johnson explaining a helpful text he received from a friend after handing Courtney Lawes his England Test debut.
"Someone text me saying he's a bit like I used to be, but more athletic, funnier and better looking."

Quote Unquote
The ELVs had a lot of detractors – chief among them Leicester and England hooker George Chuter.
"I was disappointed that some of the [Experimental Law Variation] suggestions I emailed to the IRB appear not to have been considered worthy of even a trial in the Welsh fourth division. These include scrums instead of kick-offs, scrums instead of lineouts, scrums instead of backs moves and the outlawing of any hair product. I don't know where our game is heading but I'm sure it's going to be a place that doesn't welcome fat, slow old people with no hair. I'll get my coat."

Quote Unquote
"Sorry for missing that penalty kick - I don't know what went wrong - it was such an easy shot. I could kick myself.""I shouldn't bother - you'd probably miss!"
Conversation between Scotland's Gavin Hastings and his captain David Sole after his fullback had missed an easy penalty in the 1991 Rugby World Cup semi-final clash with England at Twickenham. The scores were locked a 6-6 at the time and England's Rob Andrew eventually dropped a goal to seal his side's final berth.
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